Why feel Stunning for a day, when you can be Stunning daily?

and I can help you with that!

Style & Shoot is the perfect marriage of my full styling services and a photo-session to celebrate the new you.

Not only will we spend ten weeks together personally transforming every aspect of your personal style; learning how to dress for your body, your taste, your lifestyle and your image, but we will also complete your style transformation with an exclusive grand “reveal” photoshoot – capturing every detail of our ten weeks together. Consider it a celebration of becoming the woman you know yourself to be and having timeless portraits of that woman to last forever.

In the 10 weeks of styling we will:

- define your unique style
- learn to dress for your body and your goals
- create a functional and easy to use wardrobe
- practice conscious and effective shopping

I will listen to you and learn all about your lifestyle, tastes, preferences and needs to achieve maximum result and translate you into your style.
Because I learn about you so much – the photo-session at the end guaranteed to be successful.

Our consultations happen over Skype, so you could be anywhere int he world. Im going to research your local market and give you local reccomendations. 
For the photosession I will fly to any part of the world and photograph you in gowns and outfits that will be the perfect reflection of you! 

Contact me today to learn more about this amazing experience that will not only transform how you look, but also help you see yourself in a new light and ultimately fall in love with the fabulous woman that you are. 

The glorious portraits and a glossy magazine of your images will top the experience as an everlasting reminder that there is only one YOU.