Bachelorette's Party and Bridal Portraits

Let's face it:

no bride has the proper time for gorgeous, cover-worthy bridal portraits on her big day.

The hassle of the event makes it quite impossible to dedicate proper time to portraiture. Your muscles will be tired from smiling for the guests, for the groom, and for your family. There will be countless pictures during the ceremony, during the reception, with all the guests, grandmas, aunts, nieces . . . there is only so much one can manage in 24 hours.
Maybe you opted out of this for a small and intimate ceremony with a handful of people-- then the day is spent taking in that intimacy, and there is no good reason to interrupt that.

On my wedding day, I did not have the time to feel like the princess and take gorgeous portraits.

Did I take pictures with the groom? - yes.

With bridesmaids? - yes

With the family and friends? -yes.

However, I was sad that I had spent so much time figuring out the hair, the dress, the make up, and getting into the best shape of my life and I had no "me" photos to show for it. 

I did not have the time for those portraits on my wedding day, and neither will you. 

But wait! Since you have to schedule the trial make up and hair and you are already trying on the dress, why not take advantage of that?!
I can help you organize the most epic Bachelorette's party ever.

Just think:

 A hair and make up artist dolls you up. We take the most beautiful pictures of you. Then your girlfriends jump in and we take sexy magazine-style group shots while drinking champagne, looking gorgeous and having so much fun. 

Then, you can plan the night out because you already are looking amazing: book a restaurant, go dancing, whatever.

If you are interested in organizing a girls' party that includes pampering and elegant photographs for you or your friend, contact me today!
I will help you organize a fantastic event and

you will have beautiful portraits to remember forever.