About Me

My greatest desire is to make you look and feel beautiful and happy in your own skin. I want you to create the best portrait of you ever. My name is Oli. I’m a Portrait photographer and a Stylist. I bring fashion and glamour to everyday women

I trained my artistic eye and composition while studying commercial art and graphic design at the University and later working in the field. As a former dancer and a model I know both the vulnerability of being in front of a camera, but also the power and optical illusions of lines and angles. As a certified stylist I know how to pull together any outfit, what message an outfit sends and how one can use clothes as first impression tools. I know how to make you look the way you always dreamed of looking!
I see your beauty through my lens and I know how to capture it best.
My objective is to create the most beautiful portrait of you ever.

I have always loved empowering women, showing them their beauty and helping them become more confident. So often women don't value themselves enough, settling for less than they deserve. I will do all I can to help you believe in yourselves. I hope to empower you in whichever way you need it most. I want to help you stand strong and confident.

During our session I will guide you through every step and help with every decision. You do not need to be photogenic - that is MY job. You only need to be brave to reach out and trust me.

In my non-professional life Im a wife, a mother, a healthy life advocate both spiritually, emotionally and physically.

You can book your session today, have an ultimate glam day, feel gorgeous and pampered, and have portraits to cherish forever!
You are stunning! Let me show you.

Oli Beer
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Hair and Make up artist

Alena Sopizhenko

Alena has been in the modelling industry for some time before moving to Munich for her husband's job. She knows exactly how to bring out the best in you!
She is not afraid to experiment, but she is also very willing to hear to what the client wants. Amazingly resourceful and full of ideas, she brings a joyful and laid-back spirit to all the sessions.

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Second assistant for larger groups

Anna Kaspin

Anna is a children's photographer. She comes along to help when we have larger groups, when a third set of eyes or hands is absolutely necessary.

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